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Things You Can DIY With Corks

Big wine drinker? Have antique cork coasters mendacity round? Well, keep those corks due to the fact we’ve observed 10 extra imaginitive ways to apply them all round your home. Who knew something so simple may be so versatile!

1. Cork Magnets

Gather some magnet strips, a knife, glue, and some wine corks. Cut corks in 1/2 lengthwise and them apply adhesive on each magnet strip. Press firmly onto the flat facet. And this is all.

2. Drawer Knobs

Gather up some champagne corks, screws, and a screw driver. Remove present drawer knobs and replace them with your pointed screws. Hold a screw in area with a screwdriver. Next, firmly press a champagne cork in opposition to the screw and twist in a clockwise motion. Do the identical for all of the drawers. Your new drawer knobs are ready.

3. Planters

You’ll want to accumulate up some potting soil, a puncher, paring knife, magnets and tiny succulents. Cut a hollow shape in the middle of every cork. Attach magnets into each cork by way of pushing difficult. Next, fill the hole hole with soil after which location a tiny succulent interior every one. Add a few drops of water and attach the planters to a metallic floor.

4. Jewelry Frame

Looking for approaches to set up your earrings smartly? All you need is a body which you like. Paint it. Cut out corks in long circular sizes and fuse into the body. If you need to customise it a few extra, you can wrap the corks for your favorite cloth.

5. Pinboard

All you want are cork tiles, white paint and brush, painter’s tape, and image placing strips. Apply the tape to the corks and proceed to make stripes. Next, arrange tiles in a pattern and then begin painting. Finally, dispose of the tape and there you’ve got it.